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Everyday Evangelising

evangelisingEvangelisation first begins when you accept God’s Word into your life. Then you proclaim that Word to others by living it out in service and witness.

Whenever possible you share your story of Jesus in your life, and then invite others to deepen their
relationship with Christ through the Church community. (Pope Paul VI, Evangelisation in the Modern World). This is done most effectively through everyday evangelising.

Everyday evangelising is everyone’s mission. By virtue of our Baptism, we are all called to share our

Everyday evangelising is not a programme, but a way of life. It takes place at any time, in any place, under any circumstance.

Everyday evangelising reaches out to everyone, including active and inactive Catholics and those with no faith community.

Everyday evangelising also addresses the social structures that affect us. The context of evangelisation demands that the Church take seriously the contemporary situations in the service of the Gospel. The practical outworking of the call to evangelisation will shape the Church’s actions as she engages with the needs of men and women today in their varying and fragmented contexts.
Evangelisation in England and Wales p. 52.

The suggestions offered in this pamphlet are only the beginning. Pray with them, expand them and be challenged by them.

Everyday Evangelising in the Parish

Everyday Evangelising in the Workplace

Everyday Evangelising for Those Experiencing Stress

Evangelisation is holding Jesus in your heart and carrying Jesus to the hearts of others. Before You Can Evangelise You must be open to God as the centre of your life, allowing yourself to be formed by God’s Word.

Everyday Evangelising In the Home

Our words illuminate, our witness illustrates.