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Come and See

come and see

Becoming a member of the Catholic Church

You have followed God’s light and the way of the Gospel now lies before you.

Set your feet firmly on that path and acknowledge the Living God who speaks
to everyone.

Walk in the light of Christ and learn to trust in His wisdom

An Invitation.

There are all sorts of reasons why people have thought of joining the Catholic
Church. Many of them are personal, or the result of an encounter with someone, or simply a matter of curiosity.

A Welcome.

There are all sorts of people in the Catholic Church, and if asked, they would
give all sorts of reasons why they choose to belong. But all would say that this is where they feel they are called to live their life with God and with each other.

Most of us would not think of the Church as a big world-wide institution, but rather as a sort of family with members everywhere and of all types. The Church with its understanding and experience, its views and statements, helps us to make sense of the world we live in, and of our own

Often, we don’t understand everything the Church teaches, but we trust that things will become clearer to us if we continue to search. Sometimes, we feel strongly about something and want different answers from the ones the Church offers. When that happens, we feel it is important to reflect on why the Church teaches what it does, and pray about how we should respond. That
often helps us to act and live as members of the Church.

Come and See

That is why we invite you to come and see. Come along to Mass one Sunday
or weekday. Talk to members of the Parish and ask them about their faith and what being a Catholic means.

We hope that might be a good way of starting to answer the question about “why the Catholic Church.?” And if you want to go further... Every year there are a group of people going through the formal process of looking at the Catholic Church with a view to becoming members. They meet with members of the Parish for several months, to share and look at Catholic teaching, asking questions and examining Church teaching. When some of them feel ready to begin a formal process of entry into the Church, they are welcomed by the community at a formal ceremony during Mass, and begin a regular programme of preparation with members of the Parish to accompany them on their ‘journey’. An important part of this preparation is, of course the spiritual preparation.

Our Concern...

….is not with numbers, but with helping people to discover their place in the world at the moment. It may be that after some time, you will decide that the Catholic Church is not for you. If we have helped you to arrive at that decision, we will be content with our part in helping you.

And so

...if you think you would like to know more, ask the Parish Priest or anyone in the Church. The process for enquiring and preparation are co-ordinated by a team in the Parish. They will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you have. Or you can contact the Parish office.